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About Us

W hat sets Stride apart from other orthotic labs is our emphasis on the education and training of our referring practitioners as well as Stride's innovative team of "Technical Representatives" who can help you establish an orthotics program at your practice. Such education and training is essential for an effective biomechanical evaluation, orthotic prescription and design that will provide maximum correction of the patient's gait. 

Stride's Mission Statement
Stride is a company devoted to a level of orthotic intervention that promotes optimal customer and patient satisfaction. At Stride, we not only utilize quality materials and patient specific orthotic design, but we also provide an extensive service oriented environment catering to the needs of our individual customers.


Roberta Nole, MA, PT, C.Ped

Roberta Nole is owner of Stride™ Custom Foot Orthotics Lab (an Accredited ABC Orthotic Facility); and, Nolaro24™, LLC - Maker of the QUADRASTEP® SYSTEM and littleSTEPS™ foot orthotics. She is a Physical Therapist and Certified Pedorthist and is inventor of a foot-typing algorithm that identifies 24 variations of the normal human foot (US Patent 7,789,840). She lectures both nationally and abroad on her patented foot classification methodology. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, and the Pedorthic Footwear Association.


Brenda Bastedo, C.Ped

Brenda is the Managing Director of Stride Custom Orthotic Services. She was awarded her certification in Pedorthics through the Dr. Robert Palmer Institute of Biomechanics in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2005, and also earned her Bachelor of Science degree from SCSU in 1985.



Louis J. DeCaro, DPM

Dr. DeCaro is in private practice with three offices located throughout the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Specializing in biomechanics and pediatrics, he conducts an Adult Gait Analysis Clinic and a Podopediatric Clinic at a local hospital in Northampton, MA. Dr. DeCaro has successfully integrated the QUADRASTEP® SYSTEM 24 foot typing model into the treatment of his patients, which has helped his practice to grow. The QuadraStep System™ has helped his patients to have a better understanding of biomechanics and the importance of orthotic support. Dr. DeCaro serves as an advisor on Stride's Clinical Board of Directors. 


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