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24 Adult Foot Types

W hat makes Stride unique is our patented foot classification model that identifies 24 congenitally occurring foot types.  This foot model allows your practitioner to conduct fast, efficient biomechanical foot evaluations that streamline the orthotic decision making process. The fabrication of our custom orthotics is based on this foot classification model, and our prefabricated foot orthotics further narrow down this classification system into 6 groupings of 4 feet, known as "Quads".

Each quad has its own very specific foot and gait characteristics. A patient’s foot-type (quad-type) influences not only the way you walk, but the conditions that may afflict you throughout your life. This modern theory takes into consideration the clinical impact of your foot type on foot biomechanics, muscle function during gait, and how the mechanics of each foot type can predict your predisposition to particular musculoskeletal conditions such as plantar fasciitis, shin-splints, lower back pain, knee pain, hip pain, posterior tibila tendonitis, and more. As your clinician to find out your foot type today!

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