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Patient Information

W e at Stride, Inc. want to make sure you have the best office experience possible. It helps to know what to expect during your office visit and evaluation, and what you need to do to prepare.

Before You Arrive

For your first visit, we ask you to bring the following items in order to save you time:
  • Health insurance card
  • Physician’s referral or prescription

For your convenience, please download and complete all patient forms before you arrive

What You Should Wear:
  • Comfortable clothing (sweats, shorts, t-shirts)
  • Sneakers

When You Arrive

The first thing you will be asked to do when you arrive is to check in and make sure that you have all of the forms required for your visit. That will include your Dr.'s referral and your insurance card. After that you will meet with one of our technicians to start your evaluation. For detailed information on evaluations, click here. After your evaluation is complete you will meet with your clinician to review the results of your evaluation and get recommendations on the appropriate course of action. You may be cast for orthotics or braching. In that case you may be asked to schedule another appointment for follow up or fittings.

To Brenda Bastedo and all the Stride team,
I have been using the orthotics you designed for me since this past July and are very happy with them. I feel so much more in balance now when I walk and no longer have much pain or discomfort. I wish I went to you 10 years ago!
Thank you & Regards,





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