The NEXT STEP in Orthotics Design for the Entire Family!


Stride Custom Orthotic Services offers so much more! In addition to custom and prefabricated foot orthotics for adults and children, we offer bracing, custom shoe analysis, runner's clinics and weight management consultation.


Stride Custom Orthotics for Adults and Children

Fabricated and delivered on site! We use only the finest materials for our orthotics, and we have a talented and highly trained expert staff to fabricate, fit, alter and refurbish your custom orthotics.

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QUADRASTEP Prefabricated Orthotics for Adults

The REVOLUTIONARY Custom to foot type prefabricated orthoics system that is based on the 24 adult foot types. Not just a "one-type-fits-all" orthotic, it is tailored to fit a certain set of pathologies known as a "foot-type". the most cost effective and corrective prefabricated foot orthotics on the market!

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littleSTEPS™ foot orthotics for kids

littleSTEPS™ provide the same functional foot control found in prescription foot orthoses! These UCBL-Type orthoses have a 30mm deep heel cup and come in sizes to fit toddlers to teens! They are the MOST corrective and affordable prefabricated foot orthotics for children on the market..

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Shoe evaluation, education and fittings

Our trained staff will find the shoe that has the stability and strength that fit your particular needs and your orthoses! We also carry a variety of shoes in house for immediate dispensing.




Other Services

  • Runners Clinics
  • Weight Management Classes

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