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24 Adult Foot Types

W hat makes Stride unique is our patented foot classification model that identifies 24 congenitally occurring foot types.  This foot model allows the practitioner to conduct fast, efficient biomechanical foot evaluations that streamline the orthotic decision making process.

24 Adult Foot Typing Algorithm

The "24 Foot Types Algorithm" is a clinical algorithm identifying 24 unique foot-types. These 24 foot-types are subdivided into 6 groupings of 4, known as “quads.” Each quad has its own very specific foot and gait characteristics. A patient’s foot-type (quad-type) influences not only their gait, but the conditions that may afflict them throughout their lives. This modern theory takes into consideration the clinical impact of these foot types on foot biomechanics, muscle function during gait, and how the mechanics of each foot type can predict a patient's predisposition to particular musculoskeletal pathologies. This assessment is based on the examination of pathological gait conditions, resulting from the occurrence of rearfoot varus deformities (compensated and uncompensated), forefoot varus and forefoot valgus deformities, as well as their combined effects.

Stride offers a variety of ways to instruct you on this new technique, including continuing education courses, on site in-services, webinars, and personalized instruction programs. 


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