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Choosing the Correct Orthotics

What is a foot orthotic?

By definition, a custom made foot orthotic is a medical device made to control the way a foot functions. There is a significant amount of literature that can scientifically detail what a foot orthotic should be, how they should be diagnosed, and how they should be manufactured. At the end of the day, you, as the practitioner, have only one thing in mind--making your patient's feet and overall body feel better.
A properly prescribed and manufactured foot orthotic inserted into your patient's shoes will correct abnormalities in their biomechanical function, thus reducing pain, providing support, and preventing these deformities from progressing with age. Keep in mind that foot orthotics not only alleviate foot pain but are effective in treating hip pain, lower back pain, and knee pain that are a result of these mal-alignments in the lower body.

Orthotic Choices

There are two basic types of orthotics; accommodative and functional. Accommodative orthotics are designed to simply shift body weight away from the painful area but are not designed or intended to correct the underlying problem. These orthotics are typically made of a soft material and are referred to as "soft orthotics". Functional foot orthotics are designed to specifically correct the abnormality and are the type of orthotic that will provide the highest level of correction and relief.

There are two types of functional orthotics; rigid and semi-rigid. Rigid orthotics are made from a firm material such as plastic or carbon fiber and are designed to aggressively correct mal-alignments of the lower extremity, i.e. pes planus. Semi-rigid orthotics are used for patients needing a more flexible device with more cushioning, i.e. pes cavus.

Stride's functional orthotics are made of the highest quality materials to exacting standards. When you order a Stride orthotic for your patient you can be assured that you are providing them with the very best in comfort and correction.

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