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Creating a Successful Orthotics Program

W hat sets Stride apart from other orthotic labs is our emphasis on the education and training of our referring practitioners. Stride's innovative team members can help you establish an orthotics program at your practice to enhance the services you have available for your customers.  This education and training is essential for an effective biomechanical evaluation, orthotic prescription and design that will provide maximum correction of the patient's gait.

Stride Orthotics has over 25 years of experience operating a highly successful central fabrication orthotic lab in Middlebury, CT. Stride also operates a clinical facility, Stride Physical Therapy and Pedorthic Center, where patients are seen directly by our clinical staff. We routinely assist other practitioners establish a high quality, effective, orthotics program at their practices - and we can do the same for you.

Roberta Nole, M.A., C.Ped teaching a course

Stride Orthotics, Inc. offers a variety of solutions towards this goal

Stride's Orthotic Program

If your practice has already instituted an orthotic program, that's great.  Stride can offer you a variety of methods to further improve the quality of care you are providing your patients by enhancing your assessment capabilities and delivery of high quality functional orthotics.

Benefit from Stride's years of experience in educating medical professionals in the process of performing a detailed evaluation of the foot and ankle and biomechanical gait analysis - it all starts here.  Learn to prescibe custom orthoses that will provide the absolute maximum benefit to your patient - Stride Orthotics.  Feel confident that you have provided your patient with the best orthotic program at a competetive price.

Stride's Continuing Education Programs

As with any of Stride's programs or products, our foremost emphasis is on the proper education and training of any practioner who intends on prescribing orthotics.  Stride will provide you with the proper tools to perform a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation of the entire lower extremity resulting in an orthotic prescription that will maximize benefit to the patient.  Stride Orthotics offers various Educational Courses from Basic through Advanced levels that will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to institute a foot orthotics program.

For more information or for help in eastablishing a successful orthotics program for your practice, please call our Driector of Education, Joe Coletta at 203.725.6790 or email him at

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