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Educational Programs

At Stride we pride ourselves on offering the finest educational programs through our sister company Nolaro24, LLC. Our programs are approved for continuing education credits by ABC and various PT associations.

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2 Day Program - 15 contact hours

This program offers a comprehensive approach to determining orthotic intervention that combines traditional with contemporary theory to provide a more holistic approach to managing gait disorders. Lab time is devoted to teaching functional assessment of 24 congenital foot types through postural assessment and gait analysis. Clinical evidence shows that there are four key features that influence how feet work, and various combinations of these features can produce foot, limb or back pain. Learn a systematic approach to successful management of symptoms utilizing pre-fabricated orthotic solutions; and, alternatively how to determine if a custom orthoses is necessary.

Lecture is alternated with detailed lab time that includes identifying rearfoot and forefoot deformities in non-weightbearing, static and dynamic gait evaluation, and obtaining STN slipper casts for the purpose of orthotic fabrication. Most importantly, a simple, inexpensive method of digital photography and video gait analysis is introduced that can be easily implemented in your clinic to identify a patient's foot type and orthotic needs.



Take the Mystery out of Gait: 4 Simple Steps to Becoming an Expert

1 Day Program - 7.5 contact hours

This course will be a live program utilizing lecture and lab with plenty of demonstration and hands-on practice. Student to faculty ratio will be no more than 15:1

The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is based on a clinical algorithm identifying 24 unique foot-types. These 24 foot-types are subdivided into 6 groupings of 4, known as "quads." Each quad has its own very specific foot and gait characteristics. A patient's foot-type (quad-type) influences not only their gait, but the conditions that may afflict them throughout their lives.

This one-day program examines pathological gait conditions, resulting from the occurrence of rearfoot varus deformities (compensated and uncompensated), forefoot varus and forefoot valgus deformities, as well as their combined effects. The student will learn to perform visual static and dynamic gait analysis, interpreting key weight-bearing compensations, in order to differentially interpret a patient's foot type. Students are taught how to implement the QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® algorithmic process to classify an individual's foot into one of 6 major foot, or "Quad", types. Students will come to understand how the specific gait sequencing of each foot type may predispose an individual to a certain set of pathologies.

ThisThis updated program provides an in-depth review of the 6 main foot types (Quads) in greater detail than has ever been provided before. The new material and course format provides a comprehensive introduction to practitioners who are new to the QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® while still being suitable and providing new material for anyone who has attended our classes previously.

ThisThis course provides the attendee an over-view of normal and pathological foot biomechanics, an introduction to a simple, inexpensive method of video gait analysis and a common sense approach to foot orthotic selection and design. It includes reviewing the normal development of a child's foot, as well as Developmental Flat Foot and torsional deformities in children.

ThisThe 6 major adult foot-types will be presented in detail with their typical clinical conditions and how each foot-type may correlate specific rehabilitation goals.

  • Foot Biomechanics Review presented in a way that is simple easy to understand
  • Rearfoot Deformities: Compensated vs Uncompensated and what that really means
  • Forefoot Deformities: Varus and Valgus
  • Simple Video Gait analysis
  • Clinical Conditions by Foot Type
  • Orthotic Selection Process and Prescription
Lab sessions will include foot-typing fellow students and actual fitting of Quad specific pre-fabricated functional foot orthoses. At the conclusion of this program, each participant will have a detailed comprehension of assessment of foot-type, without the need for complicated goniometric measurements. The student will leave this program skilled in a more functional approach to foot and gait assessment, allowing them to return to their clinic with the ability to offer their patients a more immediate and cost effective orthotic solution.


Nolaro24, LLC reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment. Course fees, in this event, will be refunded.

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