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Webinars & On-Site Training

Stride Inc., wants you to succeed with your orthotics programs, so we offer the finest support programs available. As part of our continuing education effort we now offer private webinars and on-site training so that you fully understand out 24 Foot Typing system and how to prescribe our orthotics.


Stride's Training Webinars are open to health care professionals only, such as Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Physicians, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, etc. An introduction to our foot-typing method and the basics of the QUADRASTEP®SYSTEM, including gait videos of the foot types. Webinars last approx. 1 hour and are FREE. Please EMAIL your contact information to schedule a custom webinar. Please include the number of people attending.

Roberta invested a lot of time to train my team so that we would get out of the gate running. First, she conducted multiple webinars to prepare us for what to expect in her intensive, three day workshop. Then, she and her staff traveled to Lexington to spend an entire day training our team on how to foot type, run a semi-custom clinic and more before two days of clinic with us and our patients

Nicole Freels, FACFAOM Lexington Podiatry



On site support and education are available on an appointment basis. We offer a 2-3 hour in-service to train your staff on foot-typing and prescribing our orthotics. Please contact Roberta Nole, Director of Education, for details or to make an appointment for a webinar or an in-service.

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